Frequently Asked Questions

PlayOJO is fully regulated by the AGCO and iGaming Ontario. This means OJO holds the highest standard of casino licence. As a regulated casino, OJO abides by all laws and regulations, ensuring a trusted and fair gaming experience for all OJOers. You can view OJO's licence status right here.

You can enjoy PlayOJO from your mobile or desktop. Skip to "APP & DEVICES FOR GAMING" for everything you need to know about that.

In keeping with legal requirements, iGO (iGaming Ontario) requires every player in Ontario to verify their location. For more info on that, skip to the "X-POINT GEOLOCATION SERVICE" section.

Congrats amigo! Welcome to OJO’s World of Play. The Free Spins OJO gave you with your first deposit are for a specific slot. Check your Rewards section to see which game you can play, how much each Spin is worth and when you need to use them by. Then simply fire up the game and play for free! Remember, there’s no limit to how much you can win and you get to keep the lot. No wagering requirements. Good luck!

We aim to process withdrawals within 11 hours although it may take longer if your request needs to be reviewed by our payments team. Once we’ve processed your request, we’ll send you an email to let you know your money’s on its way to you.

Congrats on your new level! OJO likes the element of surprise, so he won’t always give you OJO Wheel spins when you reach the next level. Sometimes he’ll randomly throw some your way!

Winnings you see during Reel Spinoffs slots play are not real money, sorry! Anything you win is converted into leaderboard points and used to calculate your overall tournament leaderboard position.

Once the tournament is over, the highest finishers on the leaderboard win real prizes. You can check your tournament progress in the Reel Spinoffs tab.

Thanks for taking the time to upload your docs. We aim to verify documents within 12 hours although it can sometimes take a bit longer if further verification is required. If you haven’t heard from us 48 hours after uploading your documents, please contact customer support.

You can play from any device, my friend!

If you're playing from your mobile, you should download the app for the best possible experience. Skip to the next question for app information.

If you play from your computer, you’ll need to install a software called Xpoint which fully enables you to play in Ontario. Skip to "X-POINT GEOLOCATION SERVICE" for everything you need to know about Xpoint.

That would be a yes! Click below to download the PlayOJO app for either Android or iOS devices:

Download now from AppStore

Download now from GooglePlay Store

By following these simple steps:

• For iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services - Make sure that Location Services is on - Scroll down to find the app - Tap the app and select an option: "Never" prevents access to Location Services information.

• For Android: Settings > Apps > Choose the application > Tap on Permissions > Allow the location (Always)

It's possible that an older version of the app has sufficient geolocation tech, but we recommend updating to the latest app version, to ensure optimum experience.

Xpoint Verify is an iGO-recognised secure service which detects your location when playing on regulated casino sites from your computer.

It couldn’t be easier! Just download the app to your computer and follow the simple steps. Keep in mind that when playing from your computer, you'll need to open the Xpoint app each time before log in. You can download the Xpoint app here:


Mac OS:

In keeping with legal requirements, iGO (iGaming Ontario) requires every player in Ontario to verify their location. Xpoint Verify does just this you won’t be able to play from any regulated casino in Ontarion without it.

Yep, iGO does requires that players verify their location. However, this will only happen while you’re playing from your computer. Your location won’t be tracked once you’re logged out from the casino.

This error code is popping up because not enough data has been picked up to verify your geolocation. Make sure that your location sharing is turned on and that there are mutiple WiFi connections within range , as this helps us to determine your location.

If you're seeing this code, we've detected that you're playing from outside the province of Ontario, which isn’t permitted. You can play once you’re back in Ontario.

This means that your account has been flagged due to attempted activity outside the province of Ontario. If this isn’t the case, just let the OJO Crew know.

This one means that we're not picking up on any Wi-Fi. In this case, check that there are mutiple WiFi connections within range, as this helps us to determine your location.

You got this code because it looks like you’re using an old version of the location verification app. Download the latest Xpoint version and then you can play!

You'll need to turn off any VPNs, Proxies and IP anonymizers before trying again.

This means that prohibited software has been detected. You'll need to uninstall all prohibited software and then relaunch this app.

This means that a Remote Access program has been detected. In the interest of security, play only from devices that haven’t been rooted/jailbroken or been subject to location tampering tools. Alternatively, remove tools like this from your current device.

You'll need to disable all Proxy settings in the Browser and System, then relaunch this app. Here's how you do it:

• For iPhone Users: Go to 'Settings' > Wi-Fi > select connected Wi-Fi network > 'HTTP PROXY' > select 'Off'.

• For Android Users: Go to 'Settings' > 'Network & Internet' > tap and hold connected Wi-Fi > select 'Show advanced options' > go to 'Proxy' > select 'None' > Save changes.

• For Windows Users: Click 'Start', select 'Settings' and navigate to 'Network & Internet' > 'Proxy' > Toggle the option 'Automatically detect settings to ON' > Toggle the option 'Use a proxy server to OFF'.

• For Mac Users: Click the Apple icon then select the 'System Preferences' option > Select Network > From the left pane, select the network service you want to disable proxy settings on, then click the 'Advanced' button > From the left pane, select the network service you want to disable proxy settings on, then click the 'Advanced' button.

We've detected that the time on your device doesn't match the time zone you’re in. Make sure it’s right, then try again.

Theoretically, yes but these programs don't 100% meet verification requirements, so you won’t be allowed to play/wager until you uninstalled and remove them.

You'll need to have 'Location Services' switched on to enable GPS. Here's how:

• For iOS devices, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

• For Android devices, go to Settings > Location > Use Location > ON

Click the Apple menu at the top left of the Desktop > select 'System Preferences' > select 'Security & Privacy' from the list of options > select the 'Privacy' tab > click the padlock icon > enter your password and press 'Unlock' > check 'Enable Location Services'.

• For Mac users: Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy> Location Services. If there is a lock at the bottom left, click it to unlock the preference pane. Deselect 'Enable Location Services'.

• For Windows users: Start > Settings > Privacy > Location - turn on 'Allow access to location on this device' > Turn on 'Allow apps to access your location' > Turn on 'Allow desktop apps to access your location if present'.

Oh, we have a huuuuge variety of offers which we update all the time! From Free Spins, to a generous range of exclusive OJO rewards, we know how to deliver the goods. Check out current offers and promos anytime by heading to your Kickers once you're logged in.

OJO Levels is how we reward you for playing with us – the more you play, the more points you’ll receive, and the more rewards you’ll unlock along the way! We’ll show you exactly where your next reward is waiting for you on the map, and how many points you’ll need to get reach the next level. The cherry on the cake? You can never go down levels, you can only move up!

OJO doesn’t like wagering requirements. OJO believes your winnings should be yours to keep. It's just real money and real play. No strings.

A Coupon Code is kind of like a key, you need it to unlock a special treat that's just for you. If you have a Coupon Code, head over to 'My Account' and click 'Coupons' to enter the code and release your bonus treat!

The Rewards section is where you can claim and keep track of all the rewards OJO has given you. Got a spin on the OJO Wheel? Check Rewards! Got some Free Spins? Check Rewards! Got a Tournament ticket? Check Rewards!

Kickers are special perks that give OJOers more play. OJO will give your play a kick every day with Free Spins, Bonuses, exclusive promos, free prizes and rewards for gameplay challenges. OJO's always giving players a kick in the fun direction!

You can claim and keep track of your Kickers in the Kickers section on the left-hand sidebar of OJO's homepage. Here you'll find daily offers that are tailored just for you. Not sure what to play? Check out the day's Kickers and grab a special deal. Remember, there are new Kickers every day, so keep checking back!

Hmm, if you made a deposit and input a Kicker Code that didn't work, get in touch with the OJO crew so we can check if the code is valid. If there's a code glitch, we'll credit the Kicker manually.

Unless we say otherwise, our deposit-based offers can only be used once. Take a look at your Kickers section to check if you’ve already received the Free Spins with a recent deposit. If you still think you should have received Free Spins, get in touch and we’ll have a look.

Ah, if only every day was your birthday, right? With that said, not every level reached will pay out a reward, but when your new level does trigger a reward, you'll be able to claim it from your 'Rewards' section immediately. No fuss, no muss.

The OJO Wheel is OJO's way of saying you're awesome. That's why he fixes you up with a spin on the Wheel if you reach a certain level, or maybe he'll treat you to one anyway.

There's heaps of Free Spins to win on the OJO Wheel, and each wheel has a different number of Free Spins up for grabs. ‘Wheely Easy’ offers the lowest Free Spins prize as you're guaranteed to win. ‘The Wheel Deal’ offers bigger prizes but you could land on an OJO-skull...dun-dun-duuun! ‘Are you for Wheel’ has the BIGGEST prizes, but there's more skulls, which means more chance of landing diddly-squat!

It's simple. Every time you play, OJO will put some free money in your OJOplus account. It's there for you to collect or play at any time, no strings. You can view your OJOplus balance on the homepage, next to the OJO+ icon in yellow.

You can use your OJOplus balance any time you want. All you need to do is click the 'COLLECT' tab and your OJOplus cash will be moved to your Real Money Balance. Withdraw it or play it, it's up to you!

All of our games fall into 1 of 3 OJOplus categories, each indicated with 1, 2 or 3 OJO+ icons. One yellow OJO+ icon indicates the lowest level of return while three yellow OJO+ icons indicate the highest level of return. So, placing a bet on a game with three OJO+ icons will earn you more in OJOplus cash than placing the same bet on a game with one OJO+ icon.

You can learn more about OJOplus and view a full breakdown of OJOplus payouts on the OJOplus page.

OJO will let you know when you have a spin on The Wheel, so keep an eye out for a message that'll appear on your screen. OJO will also give you a heads up in the Rewards section. You have 7 days to use your spin on The OJO Wheel!

The Free Spins prizes are based on your OJO Level, the higher the level you are, the higher the Free Spins value on The Wheel. You could win more Free Spins if you play The Wheel with a higher risk. #areyouforwheel!!?

Reel Spinoffs are slot tournaments where you receive spins on a selected slot game. Any wins from those spins will convert into points on a leaderboard. If you finish in a prize pool position, then you're a winner!

You can play Freeroll and Buy-in Reel Spinoffs which run throughout the day. Head over to the Kickers section to see what Reel Spinoffs are taking place today.

A Freeroll Reel Spinoff is a free to enter tournament. If you've made a deposit in the last 3 days, then you can join OJO's Freeroll Spinoffs. Just pick the Reel Spinoff you wish to enter and a pop-up will confirm how many Free Reel Spins you have and what slot game will play before the slot opens. OJO runs Freerolls during the day so don't forget to login and take part. Good luck!

Click on the Reel Spinoff tournament you want to join and a page will open with different Reel Spins Packages, you pick the one you want by clicking the deposit button next to the package. This will take you to the deposit page with the Reel Spinoff Bonus Code already entered. Once you complete the deposit a pop-up will confirm how many Free Reel Spins you have and what slot game will play. Be lucky!

Go to the Reel Spinoffs section to check your position on the leaderboard and see what prize you may have won. If you are a prize winner, you’ll get rewarded as soon as the spinoff ends and it’ll be in your Rewards waiting for you. If it’s a physical prize, we’ll contact you and take things from there.

The chosen OJOers will receive a private invitation to join Club OJO. OJO will assign one of the A-list Managers to look after you, so you'll get the royal-OJO treatment and heaps of treats. Your A-list Manager will tailor special offers for you and you'll even get gifts on your birthday, just because…it's you!

OJO likes to dish out Free Spins as a treat to OJOers when they deposit or just out of goodwill. This is a free bet where you get to spin a slot game without touching your balance. OJO NEVER attaches wagering requirements on Spins, this means anything you win is paid in cash and yours to keep, no funny business. I like to mix things up and offer Free Spins on different games with different values, so check the details! Remember, Free Spins expire after 24 hours so make sure you play them!

OJO offers three types of Free Spins, each with a different play value.

Spin Value $
Free Spin Up to 0.5
Super Spin 0.5 up to 0.99
Mega Spin 1+

We’ll treat you to a Prize Twister Spin as an extra perk or just as a little treat when we feel like spoiling you.

Head over to your Rewards section and you’ll find it there waiting for you. Good luck!

The Prize Twister game is made up of 3 reels filled with prizes. When you take a spin, you’ll start on the first reel and either stay there or move to the next reel. Make it to the 3rd reel and you could win one of the three Twisters, including the $30,000 Mega Twister!

‘Hot or Cold’ feature displays the games that are paying out the most and the least amount - game data can be refreshed every 5 minutes by hitting the refresh button. This feature is no indicator of future results or success.

No. The Hot and Cold feature does not in any way influence the next spin or spins of a game. Each spin has exactly the same chance of the next spin being a winning or losing spin, regardless of its previous recent result. Hot and Cold is purely a new and fun way which was developed to try to replicate the offline casino experience of watching games and deciding whether to play based upon what they see.

With every Prize Twister spin you receive, you could win Free Spins, Cash Prizes, Scratchcards or one of the three Twisters: The $800 Mini Twister, the $3,000 Super Twister and the $30,000 Mega Twister!

Follow the instructions in the email we sent you, or head over to the 'Upload Documents' section under 'My Account' and upload either a copy of your Passport, Driver's License, valid ID card or Utility Bill.

As a regulated casino, OJO requires all OJOers to verify their age and identity. ID verification is now standard in online gaming and it’s there to ensure gaming is safe and secure. It also helps to prevent underage gaming too. We’ll try to verify your details automatically without bothering you, but if we can’t, we’ll request copies of documents like your passport or driving licence.

Sorry you’re not having much luck with our upload process. For security reasons we don’t accept documents by email, air mail or pigeon, so you’ll have to use our upload tool. Get in touch with our support crew right away and we’ll help you upload them.

Oh fiddlesticks! Hmm, well, they could have ended up in your junk folder, marked down as spam or they could have been blocked or maybe, you unsubscribed? Who knows! Check your email folders and if you can't find OJO's great emails, give the crew a shout and we'll subscribe you. Make sure you add to your email address list so you never miss out on OJO's great offers.

Having a forgetful moment? It happens to the best of us. OJO doesn't keep a record of your password for security reasons, but to reset it again, click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link under the password box. Then select whether you’d like to receive your code via email or phone. You’ll then receive a code which you’ll need to complete the process. It’ll ask you to type in your new password twice – good practice for not forgetting it next time!

OJO has a 128-bit SSL data encryption installed in his world of play. It's the same tech used by all the best credit and debit card companies. What's more, your data will never be shared with any third-parties. So yeah, OJO keeps all OJOer data confidential and secure. Learn more about this in our Privacy Policy.

OJO accepts all major payment methods including credit and debit cards, MuchBetter, Interac, and other payment options. You can see a list of payment methods on our Banking page. You can see all of the deposit methods currently available to you in the Deposit section of your Account.

Oops. OJO may not know the reason why your deposit was declined, it could be a question for your bank. If your debit/credit card was declined, why not try one of the trusty e-wallets like Interac or MuchBetter? Take a look at OJO's Banking page for more info.

Firstly, to see if you have any existing depositing limits, go to 'My Account' on the main menu and locate the 'Safer Gambling' section.

You can also try contacting your payment method provider because sometimes they set online casino deposit limits.

Failing all this, contact the OJO Crew and they'll be able to set things straight.

You can see all of your deposit and withdrawal history under 'Transaction History' tab in 'My Account'.

When you're playing one of OJO's great games, you'll see a Quick Deposit feature in the left-hand sidebar of the page (desktop only). If you've previously deposited using credit/debit card, you can use the Quick Deposit feature to swiftly deposit without going through any hassle, or without leaving the game! You only need to enter the card's CVC number and the amount you wish to deposit. BOOM! It's easy, peasy, OJO squeezy.

With certain deposit methods it can take up to 3 working days for the funds to be credited to your balance. If you believe your funds should have arrived by now, please contact us and we’ll look into it for you. We may also need to ask you for a screenshot of your deposit method’s statement showing the details of your deposit, so we can dig into it more quickly.

OJO plays fair, so he lets OJOers withdraw as little or as much as they want. You can view the full breakdown of the deposit and withdrawal requirements for every payment method on our Banking page.

As part of OJO's security procedure, you may need to provide standard verification documents after you’ve made your first withdrawal request. Once we’ve verified your info, it's smooth sailing. If OJO needs any more docs from you then we'll ping you an email to request the documents.

We check documents as quickly as possible, and it usually takes less than 12 hours. It could take longer if extra verification is needed, so if you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours, give the OJO crew a shout.

We aim to send funds back to the payment method you used to make your deposit. In some cases this is not always possible (usually with pre-paid cards), which means we’ll send your funds to another payment option or contact you if you haven’t used another method.

Our payments team review some withdrawals, but don’t worry, it’s a standard process and they’ll work as fast as possible to complete their review. Once they’re done, they’ll send you an update by email. Thanks for your patience!

We aim to process your withdrawal request in a few hours, provided we have all the information we need. Once your request has been processed, some withdrawal methods such as Interac or Much Better credit your funds instantly. With others such as debit/credit cards, it may take more time for your funds to clear and it’s best to check with your bank or financial institution.

You'll only be able to withdraw funds using the same payment method you used to deposit. Therefore, to add a different withdrawal method to the mix, make sure you deposit the same way.

We'll always try to send your funds back using your preferred payment method, but sometimes probems can occur. If this is the case, the OJO Crew will contact you.

Jumio is an online identity verification company that provides ID scanning and validation. It automates the online identity verification process, making the verification process easier for you. To find out more about Jumio and how it works, please click here.

All players are required to upload documents to verify the accounts. In order to have an uninterrupted gaming experience, we suggest uploading these, which can be done in the side menu: My Account - Personal Settings - Upload Documents

Just pop over to the 'My Account' tab and click on 'Upload Documents'.

1. Choose the type of document from the drop down list.

2. Click on "Choose File" to upload your file.

3. Click "Upload". Hey presto!

It could be that your document(s) didn't meet the necessary requirements. To ensure this doesn't happen again, check that the documents you're uploading are clear, in color, in-date and with no cut edges. To avoid more delays, here are some tips on providing the correct docs - here.

After you've successfully uploaded your document/s to your account, you'll receive an automated email from us to say it's been received. Once they've been checked, you'll get an email confirming the document(s) status.

If your email address still hasn't been validated on your account, you can change it via the 'Preference' section under 'My Account'. If it won’t let you change it from there, the OJO Crew can help you once you've provided them a reason for the change.

You can make changes to your details anytime by popping over to 'My Account' and clicking on 'Personal Information'. Some greyed-out areas (like Name, Surname and Date Of Birth) can't be edited and in this case, you'll need to upload a Proof of ID.

Do you want to call it a day and self-exclude yourself, visit 'My Account' and tap on the 'Player Limitation' option under the 'Safer Gambling' section of your account. See the 'Safer Gambling' section of our 'Terms and Conditions' page for more questions you may have.

Absolutely. We work hard to provide players with a safe and responsible gaming environment. You can easily set deposit limits under the 'Safer Gambling' section of the 'My Account' tab. There's a variety of other limits you can also set yourself, such as time spent playing. It's all under the 'Player limitations' section and you can check out the 'Safer Gambling' section of our 'Terms and Conditions' page for more info.

Go to the 'OJO Safeguard' section under 'My Account' to choose daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. Increasing limits will take 24 hours but decreasing will only take a jiffy.

It's important to keep your play fun. When the fun stops, stop. If you are playing with money meant for other things like bills or rent, or end up chasing losses then you may have a gambling problem. You can find out more by reading OJO's Safer Gambling guide.

If you believe that you have a gambling problem, you should restrict yourself from playing immediately. There are several ways to immediately block yourself from any real-money play in the OJO Safeguard section of your Account. To find out more, including who you can speak to for advice once you've taken immediate action to stop playing, please read our Safer Gambling page.

It depends on why you closed your account. The best thing to do is contact us and we'll discuss when and how you can reopen your account.

Give the OJO Crew a shout and they'll help you with re-opening your account.

Oh bummer. Sorry to hear you're experiencing pesky connection issues. Try pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE at the same time and ending the PlayOJO task. This will close the browser and the game session. Don’t worry, the game session will resume and your funds and bonus rounds will still be there. Phew!

Woops, sorry! Try closing your browser, logging back in and opening the game. Your game should then restart at the point where it got stuck. If that doesn’t work or if it happens again, please contact us and we’ll help. If you can give us the game ID and any other info, that will help us solve your issue more quickly.

Sorry to hear that! The good news is that it should be easy to resolve. If your game has frozen in the middle of a spin, we recommend clearing Cookies & Cache and continuing from a different browser/device. And don't worry - your game and funds will stay just as you left them before the big freeze.

Your Game History/Session ID can be found by clicking My Account > Play History > Game Activity. For your info, the Game ID and Session ID are also both visible on the Game Window itself.

There are a couple of reasons why your wins haven't been credited yet. It might be that you've been taking part in a tournament, where wins are on the leaderboard for ranking purposes, and not credited to your account. It may also be that you've seen a "win" amount pop up on your screen which is actually displayed as bonus credits which are only later converted into a win amount. For more info about a particular win payout, locate the game/session ID from 'My Account' > 'Play History' > 'Game Activity' and the OJO Crew can look into it for you.

Wins from tournaments are not real-money and won't go to your balance. Instead, these are converted into points that determine your ranking on the leaderboard to win prizes for that tournament. You can check the leaderboard scores by clicking on the 'Spinoff' section of the side menu.

Want to find a certain game with 3 reels, an adventure theme and a BIG jackpot? OJO's got over 30 different game filters, so you can run detailed and accurate game searches. If OJO's got it, he'll dig it out so you can have slots of fun with it! Get it?

When you're logged-in, you can mark your favourite games by hovering over the game in the Games page (desktop only) and clicking the little heart icon or by clicking the heart next to the game title in the game description (desktop and mobile). This will add the game to your OJO Playlist. You can remove a game from your Playlist anytime by clicking the heart icon again. #myfav

OJO is your sidekick in a new world of play. He shows you everything you need to know for a more playful and rewarding experience. OJO is there to inspire you to be more playful. He's here to share the secrets of this world - he knows how things work and will give you hints and tips on how to get the best from your time here.

OJO believes in rewarding those who deserve to be rewarded. It's important that OJOers abide by OJO's fair play rules and don't abuse his generosity. Any promotional abuse will not be tolerated in OJO's World of Play. You can get the full lowdown from his Reward and Game Play Policy. Keep it fair. Keep it OJO!

Play Moments are a great way to remember all the good times you've had with OJO. Here you can see all your play activity, if you've jumped to the next level, hit a big win or played a new game, then it will pop up in your Play Moments. You can even see the day you became an OJOer.

Does super OJO safe answer the question? OJO's place is built with a serious internal security system that would keep a house fly at bay. OJO's entire gaming system and procedures are fully certified and in line with all necessary licensing conditions. And, OJO only works with the most trusted and established game providers.

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